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    5 Health Benefits From Increasing Natural Light Night In Your Home Or Office

    Saving the planet and cutting down on your energy bills aren’t the only reasons to let natural light into your home or office. There are also some really great health reasons to do it too, so set your shutters to maximise natural light and improve your health and wellbeing at the same time.

    1. Healthy Eyes

    Many of us spend a large amount of time staring at of our computer and smartphone screens, as well as working under florescent or poor lighting, all of which can lead to long-term or even permanent eye damage.

    Children and teenagers’ young eyes are especially susceptible to nearsightedness due to this. However, by ensuring they are exposed to more natural light, parents, schools and carers can help to significantly reduce the risk.

    Eyes that are exposed to natural light produce Dopamine, which aids in healthy eye development. A lack of Dopamine causes the eyeball to grow excessively and puts a strain on the iris, which in turn makes focusing difficult and is the main cause of shortsightedness.

    So if your children are glued to their Playstations and X-boxes for hours on end and you can’t prize them away from them, make sure the room they’re in has plenty of natural light.

    Scientists are also currently researching into how it can even affect our ability to see certain colours.

    2. Nature’s Happy Pill

    Serotonin is another chemical produced by exposure to natural light and working with its fellow neurotransmitter Dopamine, is one of Mother Nature’s natural pick me ups.

    These naturally produced chemicals regulate many of our bodily functions, including emotional response and how we experience sensations like pain and pleasure. They also help us feel content, satisfied after eating, regulate our digestion and respiratory rate, as well as affecting up our libidos!

    Not getting enough natural light can also contribute to depression symptoms and psychiatrists recommend patients get as much as they can to help improve their mental health.

    Seasonal Affective Disorder ‘SAD’ is caused by lack of natural light exposure during winter months and can affect suffers for longer periods of time when they are living and working in artificial light.

    3. Whole Body Health

    Most people are aware that we need to top our Vitamin D with regular doses of sunshine. but it isn’t just about bone health and the risk of rickets. Not getting enough natural light can affect your sleep, raise your blood pressure, put you at greater risk of type 2 diabetes and make you overeat. It can even increase your risk of cancer.

    Researchers have discovered that people with sleep problems often benefit significantly from increasing their natural light exposure during the day, for improved quality, restorative sleep.

    Getting a good night’s sleep is a great way to help keep your heart, blood sugar levels and food cravings in check, whilst your body heals and repairs itself naturally.

    4. Natural Infection Control

    An often forgotten benefit of sunlight is its ability to help reduce the spread of germs and infection in buildings. Hospitals and healthcare facilities use this knowledge when planning and designing their buildings and incorporate large south facing windows wherever possible to maximise the effect.

    Airborne pathogens find it much harder to disperse and spread when exposed to sunlight and it also boosts our body’s resistance to infection, so increasing natural light is a great idea for busy offices, schools and public buildings, where high levels of bacteria and germs exist.

    High dose UV lights are increasingly being used to kill viruses and bacteria in both humans and in medical and research establishments, in an effort to prevent further antibiotic resistance.

    5. Increased Productivity

    Many worldwide studies have shown that staff who work in natural light have increased energy and produce more work than their counterparts doing the same job under artificially lit conditions.

    Astoundingly, further research has shown that checkout counters under skylights have a 40% higher sales turnover than comparable ones in artificial light.

    So if you want to get more done, increase your alertness and energy, let in the light with adjustable slatted shutters.


    Elizabeth Frances Shutters are a fantastic way to maintain privacy,

    while letting natural light into your home or office.

    Want to know more about the many other benefits shutters offer?

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