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    Burglars Don’t Like Us – And We Don’t Mind One Bit!

    It’s nice to be liked by everyone but sometimes it’s even nicer when you’re NOT!

    Burglars don’t like us one little bit and would really like us not to fit our beautiful shutters to your windows and doors.

    It’s hardly surprising though, as fitting shutters makes their job a whole lot harder and can even put them off trying to break into your home or office completely.

    We’re not even talking high-security external steel shutters either. Stunning and attractive fitted internal shutters can not only cut down on successful break-ins, they can also help prevent them from being attempted.

    In fact, one reformed house burglar, when interviewed on TV, stated that shutters put him off attempting break-ins, even more than double glazing!

    Thieves like to be quick. The longer it takes them to break in, the more chance there is of being caught, so adding an extra layer of security to your windows and doors makes them think twice before trying.

    A quick smash of a glass pain and a door or window can be unlocked and access gained, but with fitted shutters in place, it’s much harder to break the glass. It’s then even harder and more time consuming to break through the shutters themselves.

    Summer is a veritable ‘Thief Fest’ for burglars, as we all love to open our windows and let in the fresh air. Without shutters in place, you might as well put up a ‘ROB ME’ sign outside of your house.

    Having shutters fitted to your windows allows you to let the air in, whilst keeping sticky fingers out.

    Shutters can also make it less obvious whether you are in or out. Unlike drawing curtains, you can set your shutters to keep out prying eyes but still allow in plenty of light.

    We know arson is extremely rare but should any lit object be thrown at your window, it may well smash the glass but will be less likely to enter your property, but be more likely to ricochet away.


    Shutters aren’t just a beautiful addition to your home,
    they can also help to keep you, your loved ones and your belongings safe.

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